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Karen Bowers

Karen grew up in Warwickshire and Gloucestershire where as a child she had a lot of freedom to roam the countryside and where she developed her attachment to the natural world. Initially she studied Fine Art at Exeter College of Art in the late eighties, and subsequently worked in London designing for companies such as John Lewis, Designers Guild and Camden Graphics. Returning to Gloucestershire, she completed an MA in Fine Art, graduating with distinction in 2012. Karen’s use of colour and attention to detail expresses her affection for the nature and landscape around where she lives. Her paintings derive from real places and are portraits, intimate and studied. She attempts to capture in her work what is moving and powerful about nature; its changing patterns and details that are often passed by.
For Karen, the act of painting and the exploration and possibilities with the paint, are as important as the subject. She often paints from life in watercolour. These studies can be used to inform her larger scale oil paintings that are made in her studio. The process of carefully studying the landscape, making pencil and watercolour sketches before working on a larger scale is very important to her. She is aware of the tradition of landscape painting - Georgia O’Keeffe and Paul Nash are important influences because of their connections with their environment, and their expressions of  a ‘sense of place’.

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KB013, Hill in Pink Light, Winter,  oil on gessoed board	, 61 x 150 cm"This hill in my painting ‘Hill in Pink Light ’s very near to my home…in fact I can see it from my house and I walk through the valley most days with our dogs. Its a place I have drawn and painted before.
My work is very much rooted in the everyday, the familiar…in the aspects of nature we could easily pass by.  This particular very cold late afternoon in January I was with my family in my neighbours field and the light was changing, it was slow at first and then a very soft pink light touched the tops of the trees, and the sun was very low in the sky…." KB008, Under the Apple Tree 4, watercolour on paper, 24 x 18cmSOLD  KB001, Winter Landscape , oil on paper, 45 x 119cmSOLD