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CST021 	, Storm Cloud, Widemouth Bay, , acrylic on canvas, , 60 x 80cm
CST021 , Storm Cloud, Widemouth Bay, , acrylic on canvas, , 60 x 80cm

Catherine Strong

Catherine grew up in East Sussex during the 1970s and currently lives near Bath. Although she has painted and drawn all her life, it is only recently that she has started sending out work for competition and open shows, culminating in her selection to the Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries.  Painting has been a constant presence alongside other successful careers as a teacher, whale-watch tour leader and editor. Largely self-taught, but with workshops and private classes with Tom Davies and Daniel E Greene, her current work is inspired by recent trips to Cornwall, Devon and Scotland and by a variety of artists including Judy Buxton and Jane Skingley.  She says of her work:

“I have been painting for many years; mainly seascapes and still life in acrylics. I like to paint on a textured ground, impasto, working quickly to produce lively, impressionist effects. I have been captivated by the natural world since I was a small child and  have travelled extensively, always retaining a sense of wonder as I encountered new landscapes, wildlife and flora.
I have spent a great deal of time at sea – part of my current job involves whale-watch tour leading – and I am constantly inspired by the ocean’s many moods, colours and elemental nature. Spending so much time at sea and along coastlines looking for wildlife has enabled me to spend a great deal of time observing the colours and moods of the ocean and sky. I like to take photos and sketch in the open air, then work from those images back in the studio to produce my paintings.”

London, Mall Galleries, Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition, 2015

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