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JS048	, White Jug and Flowers 1, oil on board, 30 x 30cm
JS048 , White Jug and Flowers 1, oil on board, 30 x 30cm

Jane Skingley

Jane Skingley paints semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes in oils. Her first exhibition was a sell out and since then she has gone from strength to strength exhibiting in galleries and art shows all over the country. In 2008 her work was selected from a long list of hopefuls to be exhibited at the summer season at the prestigious Glyndebourne opera house.
Jane’s mainly large scale paintings focus on the mood evoked by the sea. She says: “I spent much of my childhood sailing around the British coast which remains my inspiration. I now enjoy pottering by the sea with my children, crabbing, rock pooling and making sandcastles at our family beach hut in the Witterings or indeed anywhere by the sea....I am interested in the emotional response we get from a visit to the seaside, whether on a summer’s day or during a storm. We are drawn to its power and tranquillity and few of us are unaffected by it....I particularly love the colours of the coastline from vibrant blues to chill greens and estuary greys. I often work on a scene over and over again interpreting it slightly differently each time with subtle changes of colour and mood.”
Jane’s paintings are notable in the way they capture the energy and power of the elements. Her style is free and her paintings brave, often simply featuring just the sea and sky, no other subject. Sometimes headlands or rocks are included as well as acres of wet sand.  She works in the studio from photographs and sketches taken during trips and holidays.  Working in oils, Jane builds up layers of colour to achieve richness and depth.  The paintings are produced instinctively evoking mood and atmosphere rather than a search for realism. Paint is applied by brush, hand, palette knife and even by flicking and each painting takes weeks to complete all the layers.

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