Angie Spencer was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1959 and has lived and worked in the south west of England since 1984. She has a studio in Stroud. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University in Gloucestershire in 2004 and went on to help run the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative until 2009 where she also taught etching. The chiaroscuro effect of etching and aquatint still informs and influences much of Angie’s work.

Painting and charcoal drawing have always been a passion, along with a love of landscape, born of her childhood on the edges of the North York Moors National Park.

One of my favourite local places to paint is by the River Severn. I have an obsession with it! I travel there on my electric bike to paint plein air. There seems no end to the different expressions of light and mood from the same familiar view looking downriver from Framilode. Sometime the composition will re-appear in a more abstract form as in my Shostakovich paintings. Often I will work more on a plein air painting back in the studio, or work intuitively with charcoal and mixed media.’

Angie is also an accomplished classical violinist and is currently studying for her Performance Diploma with teacher and 1st violinist of the Carducci Quartet, Matthew Denton. She has recently become leader of the Stroud Symphony Orchestra  and also performs regularly with the Capriol Chamber Orchestra, with pianist Joshua Crunden as well as enjoying  playing chamber music.

‘Music often informs my work – I often listen to only one piece or one movement of a piece while working on a painting to keep the mood quite focussed. Some of my favourites are Philip Glass, Carl Nielsen and Shostakovich. They each have their own mood and colour sense for me, but often when I’m rehearsing a piece with one of the orchestras it gets right into my bones, and work will emerge naturally from it. This has happened with Brahms, Elgar and Sibelius to name a few. Playing the violin at this level is a very physical practice – every bit of one’s being becomes absorbed in the sound world. As an artist I can’t help but see images and colours associated with both the sound in a very pure sense and with the emotional field of the composer. It begins to feel very personal, as though I am experiencing their feelings myself – and it can inspire a range of different techniques and approaches, which is probably why my work tends to vary quite a lot in look and feel...I am responding to a composer’s inner world.’

In 2015 she collaborated with the celebrated Carducci Quartet, to produce a series of semi-abstract landscape in response to their 2015 recording of Shostakovich quartets, part of their award winning Shostakovich 15 project. She has also worked with their recordings of Philip Glass Quartets.

Angie has been awarded a residency at Cill Rialaig Arts Centre in Co. Kerry in September 2018, and has a number of upcoming exhibitions in Gloucestershire throughout 2018 - 19


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