Emmy studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and then Camberwell College of Arts where she specialised in drawing.  She now works from her studio in Cheltenham and exhibits widely in the Gloucestershire area. She says of her work:  

 “My starting point for a piece will usually be a combination of photographs and sketches, based on the countryside I know well (the Cotswolds and the south Devon coast), although the finished work may be completely abstract.  I am interested in margins, boundaries and areas of transition.  Lines drawn by nature or, in nature, by man – a path that crosses a field; the lines of flotsam where sea meets land; a fractured cliff face.”

She produces prints using woodcut blocks, paper stencils and an etching press, a process which involves building up layers of colour and textures and which sometimes includes a collage element. The collaging process of cutting, layering, moving and removing feels like a process of excavation.  She says of her work:  

I work with elements of form, colour, texture and rhythm until I have revealed something that has a particular emotional resonance or mood, or which speaks to a memory.   This process of excavation is more explicit in my paintings, where I will often paint multiple layers and scrape them back in a search for a sense of recognition or 'rightness'. “

The landscapes of Richard Diebenkorn, Paul Nash and Nicholas de Stael have a particular resonance for her. 

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