After graduating from Loughborough University School of Art and Design in 2001, Rachel worked in the Design Industry for 7 years before moving to Herefordshire where she was able to concentrate on painting full time.   Together with her husband, a landscape photographer, she regularly travels to wild and interesting places.  Her ethereal paintings are rarely specific locations but rather impressions of a landscape.  She says of her work:

“I am fascinated by nature and landscape, from a small detail such as a lichen covered twig or vast quiet landscapes, the colours, textures and forms found in wild environments are a constant inspiration.  I love soft, subtle, natural hues and those lovely flashes of surprising colour you find in nature.  I like fog and mist and the depth and stillness it creates.  I’m inspired by the stripped back textures of winter, northern light, creaking icebergs, still Lochs and the Aurora Borealis.”

“I work over and over my paintings in delicate fine washes.  The materials I use have fluid and spontaneaou qualities, so the work develops organically and naturally.  I manipulate the blance between control and un-control, allowing paint to run, pool and soften, building layers to create depth and atmosphere.

As well as participating in artist led exhibitions, Rachel exhibits with galleries across the UK and has  work in private collections worldwide.



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