Based in Cheshire, Sophie graduated from Cheltenham and Gloucestershire  School of Art in the early 1990s and subsequently trained to be a secondary school art teacher.   Her work is first and foremost based on her observation of land and sea and her paintings on canvas and paper are the culmination of numerous sketches en plein air. She says of her work:

“My work has been centred on the relationship between water and the land, family holidays in Cornwall have inspired a series of work developed from drawings and paintings produced from observation. I find the dramatic nature of the sea and the continually changing beach surface exciting. I like the fact that I have to work quickly and decisively as the light and water levels change rapidly; take too long and I have a confused and laboured study. I am particularly interested in the reflections in the pools of water, the marks and textures left by the tide, the relationship between colours. It is a real challenge to capture the drama of the wind and the sea, and the ever changing light.”

Sophie’s work came to my attention after being recently shortlisted for the Jackson’s art prize 2020 from a field of nearly 6000 artists.

Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Open Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London, March 2018
Liverpool Art Fair 2019, June - Septemeber 2019
Selected for 'The artist and Leisure Painter Open’  2018
Selected for 'The artist and Leisure Painter Open’  2019
The Artist Collection, The Patchings Barn Gallery,  Nottingham, 2019


Shortlisted for Jackson’s Art Prize, 2020
Premium Arts Brands Award at the artist and Leisure Painter Open  2018
The artist Exhibition Award at the artist and Leisure Painter Open  2018



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