Tribute to Sophia Hughes

In case some of you have not heard I was so saddened to hear of the sudden death of Sophia Hughes back in the Autumn.  

Sophia was a true artist, from a family of British artists, including Uncle Fred.  Anyone visiting her studio would have heard of, or seen examples of his work.  Sophia’s sister is also a very good artist.  Sophia, though,  has always trodden her own furrow and she started her artistic life as a ceramicist later on becoming a very competent and modern sculptor.  

I first met her when she had given up sculpture after a very nasty accident when she accidentally impaled her arm on one of her steel sculptures.  Pinned to the ground she was unable to reach the phone to call an ambulance and amazingly managed to saw through the steel with a stanley knife over a period of hours.  This incident was well documented in an article in The Guardian and propelled her practice into painting.  Ref: The Guardian Weekend ‘I was impaled on my own Sculpture” 2010.

Her painting was always very modern, three dimensional and influenced by sculpting and in my mind way ahead of the curve.  

She was prolific and dedicated, always trying to find a better way, seeking perfection.

On a personal level, I enjoyed my visits to her studio which were always crammed full of her latest work.  Her wide smile and welcoming manner made her very easy to get on with and I enjoyed showing her work at art fairs in London.I will miss making the journey down narrow lanes to her studio and for our chats.

In her last year she completed the 100 day challenge of completing 100 artworks in 100 days which is quite an achievement.  I was lucky enough to see the results last summer of her lockdown challenge.  She was always curious and forward thinking.  

Rest in Peace Sophia


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