Based in London, Chrissy graduated from Bradford College of Art and Design where she studied Fine art, Two and Three dimensional Design and Textiles, before going on to complete a Post Graduate in Ceramics at Goldsmiths College. She has been working as a Ceramic Artist over the past twenty five years.

Working from her garden studio at home Chrissy is strongly influenced by its beautiful surroundings in nature and especially the planting which has been a long term project of hers over fourteen years. Being a gardener she has had cause over the years to stop and wonder at nature’s ease at producing some of the most complex forms. It is the essence of these forms she is hoping to capture in her hand built pieces, exploring the complexity and also the simplicity of the design of seed heads and seed dispersal.

For the lamps Chrissy has wrapped clay around the trunks of trees and taken casts from old posts of decaying wood. Chrissy grows specific plants to harvest and roll into the clay which, when burnt out give an almost photographic impression of every perfect detail.

The light that translucent porcelain produces is soft and warm and the pierced impression from the plants is sharp in contrast, giving the lights a lively and tantalizing surface.

Chrissy is a member of the South London Woman Artists Group and has exhibited at the Bankside Gallery, London. In addition to exhibiting in Gloucestershire, her work can also be found at selected fairs in Brighton, London and Manchester.

New Ashgate Gallery craft prize in association with Farnham Maltings, 2020

Landscapes Magazine, ‘Illuminating Nature’, November 2020 issue, pp 70-77

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