Living and working in an idyllic setting in her house and studio in Gloucestershire on the banks of the river Severn, Liz paints figurative, romantic portraits of people in groups or interacting with each other against an abstracted background of beautiful soft tones.  

Her oil paintings have a narrative and mysterious element, where are these figures walking and what is their relationship? She loves to observe people, particularly in groups  and her depictions are an emotional response, drawing on her memories and friendships.

She says of her work:
“My work is in oil, mostly figurative and I love observing people, their mood swings and relationships.  Body language is an importatnt indicator and I think that much of my recognition is through this distinctive style.”

Educated and trained in Scotland, Liz has worked most of her adult life in England.  She has been involved in several two-man exhibitions in Bristol's 'Happening Gallery' and has also exhibited at Bristol Cathedral as part of the Laing Exhibition.  She has had many exhibitions in Cirencester and Gloucester as well as with the Fosseway group of artists, of whom she is a member.




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