Malcolm lives and works in Bath where he was born in 1957.  Primarily a painter working in oils and pencil, the landscape and the figure are his principal subjects.
He is an Academician at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) , and a member of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA).  He has exhibited widely in London and the south of England, including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, at the Columbia Threadneedle Prize, the Royal Watercolour Society, London and the Derwent Drawing Prize.  He has received numerous awards for his painting and has contributed to many publications.
He enjoys being in the landscape but it’s the recollection of that experience which makes him want to paint.  At one time he painted from life, watercolours en plein air, but after many years he wanted something different. Gradually he evolved a new way of working. Malcolm still makes drawings from observation and uses these as his starting point but then memory takes over which naturally simplifies and abstracts what results.  He is still observing but from a distance.   He says:
“The landscape paintings, at one time directly observed, are worked from brief drawings and memory. The process has become as important as the subject matter, I’m driven by the physical pleasure of the medium. They are places I know well; this is an important part of the work, revisiting the familiar.”

"Immersed in the landscape as an alchemist, MalcolmAshman extracts the confused colours to make them relive in purity"  Giancarlo  @Lando51  Twitter




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