Mick Ponting is a retired veterinary surgeon with particular experience in the horse. Being an ex polo player he has a strong interest in equine locomotion and anatomy. In 1992 he rode for over 800 miles on horseback whilst on expedition to Outer Mongolia. Two routes were pioneered on his Mongolian horse Caesar to Samborov and Mohn Haken Mountains in the Altai Range on the edge of the Gobi Desert.

Paleolith Etrusquine horse sculptures were inspired by an experience he had while in Mongolia. He operated on a horse that had been badly bitten by a wolf, a common occurrence in that region. Mick operated at an altitude of 3000m and the horse made a good recovery. The abstracted and extended hind leg and extended head carriage of the sculpture evoke an aura of panic and escape.


Bison is a bronze sculpture influenced by the Paleolthic cave paintings at Lascaux, France and Altamira, Spain. In addition Mick was inspired by live viewing of American bison preserved by the Black Foot Indians near Browning, Montana.


His travels and veterinary experience have formed the basis of his inspiration and his use of traditional materials and techniques is pleasing and contemporary. Working in stone as well as bronze Mick is no stranger to the chisel and saw and his sculptures have a very tactile hewn feel.


Saxon Doorway was originally hewn in Cotswold stone before being cast in bronze


The bronze sculptures are cast at the Pangolin foundry near Stroud. Their expertise, quality and experience is renown worldwide and they are highly regarded in the art world.



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