Sally Stafford trained at Stroud School of Art and Bower Ashton in Bristol, she has been a professional artist for over twenty years.  Sally’s work has been frequently commissioned for homes, hotels, and workplaces all over the U.K and overseas.  She is also actively involved in theatre and sculpture-based charity projects.

Sally’s series of paintings reflect the spirituality of the contemplative moment when immersed in the sheer brilliance of the natural landscape. There are strong impressionist echoes within this body of work, yet there is an energy and spiritual balance that is achieved through experimentation of colour, space, line and texture in the foreground, which contrasts to the tranquillity of the distance.

Sally Stafford’s spiritual landscapes not only evoke the romanticism of the past, but also excites our hunger for contemporary painting with her alchemy of media; her capturing floral and pastoral forms in an instantaneous manner in brushstrokes that seem to become quick, subtle, twisted and elegant; and the metaphysical aura she creates through constantly shifting perspectives, in this stunning collection of work.

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