Working from her studio in Oxfordshire, Sue paints large atmospheric landscapes embued with soft reflections and splashes of colour. Her sense of landscape comes not from one specific place but from her travels and imagination. Often with a river or water as a focal point, her paintings take us on a journey into the mists. She says of her work: “I like to capture a sense of fantasy, a mysterious place where water touches land.  My paintings are completely from imagination and I try with every finished work to create a scene where colours and shapes can mean so many different things . The challenge that I always set myself is to create an atmospheric painting which along its progress changes several times.  I work with acrylic paint on canvas, creating textures as the layers are applied. Art in one form or another has always consumed a large part of my life.  I studied at Croydon College of Art and pursued a career in graphic design for many years. After inspiring journeys travelling through Australia and South Africa absorbing the awe inspiring landscapes I rekindled my love of painting and now feel I have completed a creative circle that has encompassed many different disciplines.”

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