Sylvia attended Colchester School of Art 1972-74 and has been painting and exhibiting her work for more than 40 years.

Her mixed media work using acrylic and paper collage has been inspired by travels to Japan as well as subjects closer to home of interiors, landscape and street scenes. Sometimes more abstract in style the collage work shows a keen desire for experimentation and development.
Recently Sylvia has been working on some larger oil paintings often inspired by Green Island Gardens in Ardleigh in Essex, a favourite place with woodland and gardens.
“My love of painting flowers, both in the garden, landscape or still life, stems from a real love of colour and texture. I discovered early in my painting life that combining flowers in a still life meant I could create wonderful colour combinations. Using layers of contrasting colour I create works that are exhuberant and full of exciting colour. With bold use of a palette knife my work is fresh and lively. A local garden and woodland, Green Island Gardens in Ardleigh, Essex has provided constant inspiration for my most recent larger oil paintings.”

Her connection with Japan has provided opportunities for exhibiting and building a following in that country. She has held three solo exhibitions in Niigata and in 2013 thirty six paintings sold in three days.
Sylvia exhibits her paintings in galleries in the UK and successes in open exhibitions include The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Mall Galleries.
Her textile art has also gained recognition in Japan and in September 2015 she had an exhibition of textile art as part of the Tokomachi Quilt Festival.  She is a member of Art Textiles: Made in Britain.
Sylvia runs painting workshops at The Watershed Studio in St Osyth, Essex, and gives demonstrations to art clubs in the region. Her YouTube channel Sylvia Paul Art has over 2,000 subscribers.
In 2018 Sylvia self published her first book “My Life in Bits” all about her collage paintings and her inspiration and life as an artist. It is available via a link on her website.



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