This month we again exhibited at the Cotswold Decorative, Antique and Art Fair in the stately rooms of Westonbirt school, surrounded by magnificent wood panelling, high ceilings of frescoes and plaster goat skulls with a “to die for” view across Italian gardens.  

Some people wondered if this was the place for contemporary art and why we would want to exhibit contemporary art alongside antique oak furniture, tapestries and tallboys.  We are so used to seeing the clean white gallery walls which set off abstract art so well, what place is there for this type of art among antique and decorative furniture?  

Whilst I might have felt a bit of a fish out of water, the artwork certainly did not. A view of the river Severn by Angie Spencer sat very happily above a 19th century bureau and some brass candle sticks, and the whole stand generally stood out for its colour and diversity, picking up on the warm wood tones of mahogany.

Yes we value our heritage and the craftsmanship of our predecessors but here is no reason to dismiss, or not to admire the thought, technique and innovation that goes into creating contemporary art. The two sit very comfortably side by side.  If we like it, we should go for it and add to the visual tapestry of life!

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