Engaging in Art: The Artist demonstration

We were delighted to have Betty Harrison as our feature artist in this Winter’s Exhibition.

Somehow the snow just melted away in time for a very successful demonstration by Betty in the gallery on preview day. It was mesmerising to see her work and to see a painting emerge..  It was totally engaging.  My hat goes off to the talent of an artist - very inspiring.  As with private views in these times, everyone ignored the canapés and wine and fought to get the best view of Betty at work..

It can be daunting for the artist, who is used to working alone, to be scrutinised by an enraptured crowd. Also to reveal techniques that they alone have developed over years. However, while their techniques may be emmulated there is no fear that the culmination of learning over years can be instantly copied.

We were also delighted to introduce Laura Howarths work and Jane Overbury’s work to the gallery for the first time and pleased to have some sales for them.

The exhibition in February is always a favourite of mine and it is lovely to see people out and about after the semi hibernation of Winter, and to welcome the stirrings of Spring.


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