Viewpoint - an Online Exhibition of Contemporary Landscapes

I am really delighted to host this exhibition of contemporary landscape paintings on behalf of Gloucestershire artists, Mike Duckering, Betty Harrison and Sally Wyatt.  Called VIEWPOINT, this exhibition was to have taken place at the Gardens Gallery in Cheltenham this Spring, but for obvious reasons was cancelled.  It seems a shame that all their hard work would go unseen, so I hope this will be a platform for them. 

Mike Duckering is showing 13 recent works that continue his ongoing exploration of place. These focus on the architecture and urban landscape of the places he has lived and worked; Exeter, Bristol and Cheltenham, and also places visited; Tenerife, Japan, Italy and South Africa. Through the use of colour and graphic composition, his art captures more than just the visual reality, it triggers the blurred memories, emotional attachments and transient impressions that anchor our lives in place.

Betty Harrison continues to explore the landscape in all it’s many guises, whether it be the fleeting glimpse from a train or the still quiet twilight of a winter walk, she is trying to capture that certain elusive quality of light that defines a moment. Her atmospheric landscapes are an attempt to unearth the sublime in the everyday. The encroachment of the man made is no bar to this but provides a tie which binds the work to reality.

Sally Wyatt is showing 20 new works, inspired by her home territory around Burford, also walking in The Lake District, NW Scotland and Portugal. Her art is about the stuff of Earth and the stuff of life. More important to her than the representation of a beautiful view, is the conveying of parallel and positive messages on natures processes and the human condition in the form of texture and light. She looks for beauty in the bleak.

All the work will be online from 12 noon 27 April until 17 May 2020 and paintings will be able to be reserved or purchased through the website.



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